Monday, 20 February 2017

How Bharat QR Is Beneficial For Me

Benefits of using Bharat QR Code. You, as the customer no longer need to worry whether your card will be accepted at any particular merchant location as the solution has been standardised across all card networks. To add to it, you don’t need to carry multiple cards. Just link the cards to the app and select the appropriate card during the payment. No need to share your mobile number or account details with anyone.

Bharat QR’ can work practically at any location which accepts payments for services rendered. So you can start paying through Bharat QR at all the merchants on-boarded on BQR platform, it could be outlets at railway stations, bus depots, petrol pumps, shops, grocery stores, vegetable markets, hospitals, dispensaries, etc.

You no longer need to invest in any hardware for accepting digital payments. A simple display board containing the QR code is all that it takes to start accepting payments.


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